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WITS Outdoors Advanced Class

Hyner, Pennsylvania May 18-21, 2023

The WITS Outdoors advanced class will build on the skills you learned previously at one of our other events and take you to the next level.
We'll cover more advanced skills in fire making, navigation, shelter, food procurement, water purification, and knot tying.
You'll also spend time collecting your own materials to make things like fire, hunting implements, and camp tools, just to name a few.

Here are a few examples of what the advanced class might have to offer after our intro class:

  • Make your own bow drill set from unprepared materials.
  • Collect & purify your drinking water
  • Navigate without a map & compass
  • Build more complex hunting tools
  • Make your own bucksaw
  • Make your own camp tools
  • Sleep in a shelter you fashioned yourself
  • Fire,Fire,Fire....you'll get lots of primitive fire making practice for sure!

If you attended the WITS Outdoors' intro class, all you need to bring for the weekend is your take home kit, a sturdy fixed blade knife, tent/hammock or other means of shelter, stainless steel water bottle, and food for your meals and snacks.

*A full gear list will be included in your welcome email. Since we will be doing a lot of crafting from natural resources for this class, the gear list is not long!

If you have a question about what knife to bring, let us know. We'll get you squared away!

Our main goal here at WITS Outdoors is to ALWAYS give you a top quality training in a fun, relaxed atmosphere!

That being said, the advanced class will still be a low stress environment. However, some of the tasks will be harder and involve a reasonable level of physical fitness.

You will be expected to complete multiple carving projects using your knife, collect water for drinking, collect tinder & wood for fire making, and your last night of training will involve keeping a fire going, sleeping outdoors in a tarp shelter, and completing tasks after dark.

This will not be a difficult training class per se, but you will start earlier and finish later than the intro class and be very active throughout the weekend!

Event will be held in Hyner, PA. Exact address and directions will be included in your welcome email!
A ticket is required for the event

**We will be changing how we accept payment for classes**

Payment will need to be either sent through PayPal friends & family to pawildernessskills@gmail.com or
send an email to customerservice@witsoutdoors.com and we'll send out an invoice. The cost for this class is $200.

Registration starts at 8:00 AM on Friday morning, May 18th, and we start training by 9:00 AM!
We will end by 1:00 PM on Sunday, May 21st.

*Please note, you may begin arriving after 6:00 PM on Thursday to set up your camp. The event will be over at around 1:00 PM on Sunday, and you will not be able to stay onsite beyond 5:00 PM Sunday.*

Some of the great instructors you have to look forward to at this event:
  • Jim Moore
  • Beth Hoy
  • Alan Wertz
  • Mandy Clinnch
  • Mike Jackson
  • Art Dawes
This class will bring you to the next level in your survival and wilderness skills training. We'll focus more on crafting and creating tools from the environment, rather than what you bring with you!

**Since this is a more advanced training class, if you haven't attended a previous training with our instructors, please contact customerservice@witsoutdoors.com to confirm you meet the minimum requirements for attendance.

--If for any reason we need to cancel the event, you will be offered a ticket to a future event or your money refunded. In the event you need to cancel, you will be able to reschedule for a future event that takes place within one year of original ticket purchase.--